Majorcan sobrassada

Authentic traditional sobrasada without preservatives or dyes

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Majorcan black pork sobrasada

Of the native variety of the island

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Majorcan cooked sausages

100% natural products with no additives added and no allergens

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Majorcan traditional sobrassada

Majorcan black pork sobrasada

Majorcan traditional cooked sausages

Our history

The origins of our company date back to 1945, when our grandfather Cristóbal Soler, made the first production of sobrasada with the cutting of several black pigs, pigs fattened by himself.

Cristòfol Soler

This first production was sold in the family-owned butcher shop, located in the city of Inca. In 1956 the first production plant was inaugurated, also located in Inca. The company experienced a great expansion, taking advantage of the success of tourism in Mallorca. In the mid 70s, and as a result of technological improvements in the manufacture of sausages the company expans to the national market, at first in the Mediterranean area and afterwards in the rest of Spain.

In 1994 we inaugurated a new plant for the manufacture and curing of sobrasada located in Consell The third generation of the family took over the management of the company. Currently, coinciding with the incorporation of the fourth generation, we have undertaken an important improvement and modernization plan for the company and our products.

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Artisanal and with tradition since 1945

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27 December, 2022

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Polígono 5 Parcela 132
07330 Consell, Mallorca

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Majorcan sobrassada

Authentic traditional sobrasada without preservatives or dyes